Rule #1

Laser game is a hands free game

You’re not playing rugby! Laser game has been created to be a hands free sport. Any contact with an adversary can result in being kicked out of the game. Players who touch other players will have to leave the game.

Rule #2

Sensors must remain visible during the game

Hiding sensors to protect yourself from being shot by other players is bad sportmanship and cheating. This will result in being kicked out of the game

Rule #3

Sportmanship is important

If you cheat to win, then you didn’t really win ! Sportmanship is paramount for a good laser game. Cheats and lies won’t be tolerated and will result in being kicked out of the game. Hiding your sensors (see rule #2) rebooting your rifle or trying to circumvent the rules is cheating ! No one likes a cheater.

Rule #4

Laser game must remain fun!

Currently, Laser game isn’t an olympic discipline, there is no contract or head hunter in it for you. The only reason to play laser game is for the fun! Being frustrated or angry is litteraly against the rules and if you find yourself leaning to the dark side, take a few minutes to calm down, have a drink and rebuild your inner peace.

Rule #5

Know your gear!

The day of your party, the use of your gear will be explained to you. Pay attention, prepare yourself correctly and study your gear to avoid bad surprises.