For birthdays

The game is free for the person celebrating his or her birthday!

Starting with 6 people.

We will give you an unforgettable birthday experience, wheter you’re in Dordogne or anywhere in Aquitaine.

Costumes rental in option.

For your establishments

Host laser game events in Dordogne or anywhere in Aquitaine, in your camping grounds, guest house, hotels, private domains, seasononal rentals.

Gift your clients an uncommon animation that guarantees fun and will rock their world.

For all your events

Bachelor or bachelorette parties, family events, weddings etc.

The fee will be calculated on the number of people and the distance of the event.

Costumes rental in option.

Work councils, malls, associations, sports clubs etc.

For your incentives, seminars, team bonding exercises. Our services are adapted to your demands.

Possibility of inter-companies tournament

Plan for 20 to 30 min to equip and for the pre-game briefing.

Additional fees for blow up structures.
10% discount for student outside of school holidays and weekends.