A new dynamic and fun concept laser game sarlat dordogne perigord

A unique experience!

Players equipped with laser game assault rifles, fight for victory, scoring as many points as possible by shooting sensors on the opposing team headbands and vests. Solo or with teammates, take part in elaborate scripts thanks to our last generation gear!
A diversity of situations and several available scripts will immerge you in role intense role plays!

Laser-scape-game will allow you to live and relieve these unique sensations, in Dordogne or anywhere in Aquitaine.

An adrenaline fueled experience laser game sarlat dordogne

Be the main actor of your game

We come to you with our new generation laser game gear in Dordogne and everywhere in Aquitaine, set-up your site with blowup structures beacons embracing the terrain.

100% guaranteed fun for your parties
For your birthdays, recreation or holidays centers, camping grounds, companies, incentives, sports clubs, village fairs, towns, bachelor parties, olympiads, hardening courses, parkour trainings,
and more…




Apéro is before anything about sharing flavours and good spirit.
Add to this some COOPERATION, HARD THINKING and MANIPULATIONS straight out of an ESCAPE GAME, the moment will be all the more intense.
BECAUSE YES, apéro has to be deserved !

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